Ajay Chawla, MD, PhD

Cardiovascular Research Institute
Department of Physiology
Department of Medicine
+1 415 857-3709
Research Overview: 

Across species, the aberrant activation of the innate immune system has been linked to pathogenesis of metabolic, inflammatory, and degenerative diseases.  However, the molecular pathways by which innate immune cells coordinate these diverse programs remain poorly understood.  Our major goals are to elucidate the regulatory role of nuclear receptors, co-activator proteins, and nutrient sensors in innate immune activation, and the importance of these pathways in regulation of systemic metabolism and tissue regeneration.

Primary Thematic Area: 
Secondary Thematic Area: 
Tissue / Organ Biology & Endocrinology
Research Summary: 
Immune determinants of metabolism and regeneration

Myeloid Bmal1 deletion increases monocyte recruitment and worsens atherosclerosis.

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