Student Teaching

Students are required to serve as teaching assistants (TAs) for one quarter during the second year. This requirement is designed to provide students with a valuable teaching experience without having a significant impact on the time needed for their thesis research. As UCSF does not have undergraduate students, BMS students TA courses taken by graduate students, medical students, pharmacy students, and/or dental students. Students are given the opportunity to rank available courses and are typically assigned to serve as TAs for one of their top three choices.

Students interested in teaching will also find a number of other teaching opportunities available through UCSF. For example, students may participate in the Science and Health Education Partnership (SEP), a pioneering program which pairs UCSF scientists with teachers throughout the San Francisco Unified School District. More information can be found at theirĀ website. Opportunities for teaching undergraduate populations are available at some local universities, such as the University of San Francisco and San Jose State University. Additional opportunities are available through the California Academy of Sciences.