Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BMS Program offer a masters degree program?

No, the BMS program offers a PhD program only.

What is the minimum undergraduate GPA required for admission to the BMS Program? What are the minimum GRE requirements?

University of California's minimum requirement for admission is a 3.0 undergrad GPA, but the successful applicant is usually distinguished by a strong undergraduate academic record and test scores, and prior research experience in university or corporate laboratories.  The GRE is no longer a requirement for admission to the BMS program.  Scores will be accepted, but are completely optional.

Can I substitute the MCAT for the GRE?

No.  We currently only accept scores from the GRE general test, but even those scores are now optional.

May I submit more than three letters of recommendation in support of my application for admission to the BMS Program?

You may submit as many as 5 letters. However, only three are required. It is helpful if letters are provided by individuals who can attest to prior research experience or training.

How can I apply for a teaching assistantship to help pay my costs?

BMS is a full-time research program leading to the PhD degree. Because outside employment is not permitted, all students who are admitted to BMS and who remain in good academic standing will receive an annual stipend plus tuition/fee remission until graduation, regardless of citizenship. Therefore, while teaching is a required part of our curriculum, it is not used as a scholarship mechanism. We do encourage all students to apply for extramural funding, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. Please see Funding & Fellowships for more information about how students are funded in BMS.