Tissue / Organ Biology & Endocrinology

The research of faculty in the areas of Tissue/Organ Biology & Endocrinology addresses biology at the level of the organism, moving from the molecular biology of the individual cell to integrated tissues, organs and organisms, and asking how this biology impacts human disease. UCSF has a long history in the biological sciences that relate to this area of research that is reflected in current Organized Research Units including the Center for Reproductive Sciences, Diabetes Center, Hormone Research Institute, Metabolic Unit, Liver Center, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Lung Biology Center, and Gladstone Institutes.

Among the specific research topics pursued are the genetic basis of obesity, the role of extracellular matrix in regulating cell function, the biological basis of diabetes, reproductive biology, adrenal function, ion fluxes in skin and epithelium, and calcium homeostasis.

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Kevin Yackle, PhD, MD

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Tissue / Organ Biology & Endocrinology
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We seek to identify the key neuron(s) within pace breathing and to determine how they are innately and volitionally “turned on” or “off” to speed up or stop breathing.