Matthew Spitzer, PhD

Associate Professor
Research Description: 

The Spitzer Lab is working to develop our understanding of how the immune system coordinates its responses across the organism with an emphasis on tumor immunology. We combine methods in experimental immunology and cancer biology with computation to understand the modes in which the immune system can respond to tumors and to rationally initiate curative immune responses against cancer.

Primary Thematic Area: 
Secondary Thematic Area: 
Cancer Biology & Cell Signaling
Research Summary: 
Systems approaches to understand immune responses, particularly to cancer
Mentorship Development: 

3/3/20    Promoting Student Mental Health:A Presentation and Discussion (Staff and Faculty)
11/10/20    Optimizing the Efficiency of Your Lab
12/8/20    Setting Expectations with a "Welcome to the Lab' Letter (Parts 1 and 2)



Commensal myeloid crosstalk in neonatal skin regulates long-term cutaneous type 17 inflammation.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

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Simvastatin induces human gut bacterial cell surface genes.

Molecular microbiology

Escalante V, Nayak RR, Noecker C, Babdor J, Spitzer M, Deutschbauer AM, Turnbaugh PJ

The lncRNA Malat1 Inhibits miR-15/16 to Enhance Cytotoxic T Cell Activation and Memory Cell Formation.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

Wheeler BD, Gagnon JD, Zhu WS, Muñoz-Sandoval P, Wong SK, Simeonov DS, Li Z, Debarge R, Spitzer M, Marson A, Ansel KM

Computational Methods for Single-Cell Proteomics.

Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science

Guldberg SM, Okholm TLH, McCarthy EE, Spitzer MH

Dynamic CD8+ T�cell responses to cancer immunotherapy in human regional lymph nodes are disrupted in metastatic lymph nodes.


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