Lea Grinberg, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Research Overview: 

Dr. Grinberg is a neuropathologist with interest in brain aging and associated disorders. Currently, Dr. Grinberg is an Associate Professor of Neurology and Pathology at the University of California in San Francisco, affiliated Professor of Pathology at the University of Sao Paulo – Brazil, visiting scientist at the Computer Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and head of the Human Validation Core for the NIH-funded Center Without Walls for Tau biology. Among Dr. Grinberg’s contributions to the dementia field are the identification of brainstem nuclei as the earliest structures affected in Alzheimer’s disease and the translation of these findings to diagnosis and treatment development; use of high-resolution histology and sophisticated computing tools for validating multimodal neuroimaging findings and participation in several international neuropathological consortia for establishing neuropathological criteria for neurodegenerative diseases and vascular dementia.

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Research Summary: 
Early stages of development of neurodegenerative diseases in humans. Dr. Grinberg employs a combination of well characterized postmortem human brain tissue, Neurons derived from IPSc lines and advanced methods of imaging processing.


Featured Publications: 

The human cerebral cortex is neither one nor many: neuronal distribution reveals two quantitatively different zones in the gray matter, three in the white matter, and explains local variations in cortical folding.

Frontiers in neuroanatomy

Ribeiro PF, Ventura-Antunes L, Gabi M, Mota B, Grinberg LT, Farfel JM, Ferretti-Rebustini RE, Leite RE, Filho WJ, Herculano-Houzel S

Argyrophilic grain disease differs from other tauopathies by lacking tau acetylation.

Acta neuropathologica

Grinberg LT, Wang X, Wang C, Sohn PD, Theofilas P, Sidhu M, Arevalo JB, Heinsen H, Huang EJ, Rosen H, Miller BL, Gan L, Seeley WW

Prevalence of dementia subtypes in a developing country: a clinicopathological study.

Clinics (Sa~o Paulo, Brazil)

Grinberg LT, Nitrini R, Suemoto CK, Lucena Ferretti-Rebustini RE, Leite RE, Farfel JM, Santos E, Andrade MP, Alho AT, Lima Mdo C, Oliveira KC, Tampellini E, Polichiso L, Santos GB, Rodriguez RD, Ueda K, Pasqualucci CA, Jacob-Filho W

Cerebral amyloid angiopathy impact on endothelium.

Experimental gerontology

Grinberg LT, Korczyn AD, Heinsen H

Vascular dementia.

Journal of the neurological sciences

Korczyn AD, Vakhapova V, Grinberg LT

African ancestry protects against Alzheimer's disease-related neuropathology.

Molecular psychiatry

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Brainstem: neglected locus in neurodegenerative diseases.

Frontiers in neurology

Grinberg LT, Rueb U, Heinsen H

Brazilian psychiatric brain bank: a new contribution tool to network studies.

Cell and tissue banking

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Toward a pathological definition of vascular dementia.

Journal of the neurological sciences

Grinberg LT, Heinsen H

Vascular pathology in the aged human brain.

Acta neuropathologica

Grinberg LT, Thal DR

Brainstem pathology and non-motor symptoms in PD.

Journal of the neurological sciences

Grinberg LT, Rueb U, Alho AT, Heinsen H

The dorsal raphe nucleus shows phospho-tau neurofibrillary changes before the transentorhinal region in Alzheimer's disease. A precocious onset?

Neuropathology and applied neurobiology

Grinberg LT, Rüb U, Ferretti RE, Nitrini R, Farfel JM, Polichiso L, Gierga K, Jacob-Filho W, Heinsen H

Equal numbers of neuronal and nonneuronal cells make the human brain an isometrically scaled-up primate brain.

The Journal of comparative neurology

Azevedo FA, Carvalho LR, Grinberg LT, Farfel JM, Ferretti RE, Leite RE, Jacob Filho W, Lent R, Herculano-Houzel S

Improved detection of incipient vascular changes by a biotechnological platform combining post mortem MRI in situ with neuropathology.

Journal of the neurological sciences

Grinberg LT, Amaro Junior E, da Silva AV, da Silva RE, Sato JR, dos Santos DD, de Paula Pacheco S, de Lucena Ferretti RE, Paraizo Leite RE, Pasqualucci CA, Teipel SJ, Flatz WH