Isha Jain, PhD

Assistant Investigator
Biochemistry and Biophysics
Primary Thematic Area: 
Human Genetics
Secondary Thematic Area: 
Cancer Biology & Cell Signaling
Research Summary: 
We study how organisms interact with the environment -- more specifically, what happens when there are variations in oxygen levels in the atmosphere or vitamin/cofactor levels in the diet.
Mentorship Development: 

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In vivo protein turnover rates in varying oxygen tensions nominate MYBBP1A as a mediator of the hyperoxia response.

Science advances

Chen X, Haribowo AG, Baik AH, Fossati A, Stevenson E, Chen YR, Reyes NS, Peng T, Matthay MA, Traglia M, Pico AR, Jarosz DF, Buchwalter A, Ghaemmaghami S, Swaney DL, Jain IH

Oxygen toxicity causes cyclic damage by destabilizing specific Fe-S cluster-containing protein complexes.

Molecular cell

Baik AH, Haribowo AG, Chen X, Queliconi BB, Barrios AM, Garg A, Maishan M, Campos AR, Matthay MA, Jain IH

Organ-specific fuel rewiring in acute and chronic hypoxia redistributes glucose and fatty acid metabolism.

Cell metabolism

Midha AD, Zhou Y, Queliconi BB, Barrios AM, Haribowo AG, Chew BTL, Fong COY, Blecha JE, VanBrocklin H, Seo Y, Jain IH

The Goldilocks Oxygen Principle: not too little and not too much.

Nature cardiovascular research

Flanigan WR, Jain IH

Coordinated transcriptional and catabolic programs support iron dependent adaptation to RAS-MAPK pathway inhibition in pancreatic cancer.

Cancer discovery

Ravichandran M, Hu J, Cai C, Ward NP, Venida A, Foakes C, Kuljanin M, Yang A, Hennessey CJ, Yang Y, Desousa BR, Rademaker G, Staes AAL, Cakir Z, Jain IH, Aguirre AJ, Mancias JD, Shen Y, DeNicola GM, Perera RM