Guo Huang, PhD

Assistant Professor
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Department of Physiology
+1 415 502-2873
Research Overview: 

Background: The regenerative potential in the animal kingdom displays striking divergence across ontogeny and phylogeny. For example, heart regeneration is remarkably robust in adult zebrafish and newborn mice while very limited in adult mammals. This presents a particular problem for patients with a heart attack who suffer from loss of millions of heart muscle cells and life-threatening functional deterioration of the heart.

Summary: Our current research focuses on cardiac regeneration and repair in adult zebrafish, neonatal and adult mice, with an emphasis on the pathways that regulate resident stem cell activation and cardiac muscle cell proliferation, and with innovative and integrated approaches in engineering, single cell analysis, advanced imaging microscopy and genome manipulation technology. 

Major goals: (i) decipher natural regeneration processes (ii) stimulate de novo regenerative responses.

On-going Research:

  1. We are developing novel intravital imaging techniques to visualize cellular dynamics during heart regeneration and injury repair.
  2. We have designed an unprecedented functional screen to induce adult mouse cardiomyocyte regeneration using both candidate gene and directed evolution approaches integrated with CRISPR/Cas9 genome manipulation technology.
  3. We are performing single cell analyses and lineage tracing studies of resident progenitor cells in the heart during development, regeneration and diseases.

These new strategies to image and promote mammalian organ regeneration will provide a platform for fundamental biology discovery and could have broad and significant impact on many research areas in developmental biology and regenerative medicine.

Primary Thematic Area: 
Vascular & Cardiac Biology
Secondary Thematic Area: 
Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
Research Summary: 
Comparative study of organ development and regeneration



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