Anil Bhushan, PhD

Diabetes Center
+1 415 502-3295
Research Overview: 

The long-term goal of my research is to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of diabetes and to utilize this knowledge to develop strategies for diagnosis and therapeutic interventions for treating diabetes. Strategies to cure diabetes include restoring functional beta cell mass by either activation of endogenous regeneration of beta cells or transplantation of islet cells.

Primary Thematic Area: 
Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
Secondary Thematic Area: 
Human Genetics


Featured Publications: 

DNA methylation directs functional maturation of pancreatic ß cells.

The Journal of clinical investigation

Dhawan S, Tschen SI, Zeng C, Guo T, Hebrok M, Matveyenko A, Bhushan A

The histone demethylase Jmjd3 sequentially associates with the transcription factors Tbx3 and Eomes to drive endoderm differentiation.

The EMBO journal

Kartikasari AE, Zhou JX, Kanji MS, Chan DN, Sinha A, Grapin-Botton A, Magnuson MA, Lowry WE, Bhushan A

Pancreatic ß cell identity is maintained by DNA methylation-mediated repression of Arx.

Developmental cell

Dhawan S, Georgia S, Tschen SI, Fan G, Bhushan A