Aleksandar Rajkovic, PhD, MD

+1 415 502-4961
Research Overview: 

My research interests lie in the basic and translational medical sciences in the area of reproductive genetics and reproductive tract development. My laboratory discovered numerous oocyte specific transcriptional regulators such as Nobox and Lhx8 that are critical regulators of oocyte differentiation and female gonadal formation. We also discovered Sohlh1 and Sohlh2, two transcriptional regulators that are involved in both male and female gonadal development and germ cell differentiation, as well as major checkpoint regulator of male and female meiosis, Hormad1. In addition to animal models of gonadal development, we apply next generation sequencing technologies to identify genetic etiology of reproductive tract pathologies, including recent findings that DNA damage response genes such as MCM8 and MCM9 play important role in gonadal dysgenesis and male and female infertility. We recently utilized genomic approaches and mouse models to understand genetic mechanisms that underlie leiomyoma tumor formation. We are currently using mouse models of Med12 gene variants to understand their role in reproduction and tumorigenesis. 

Primary Thematic Area: 
Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
Secondary Thematic Area: 
Human Genetics
Featured Publications: 

Med12 gain-of-function mutation causes leiomyomas and genomic instability.

The Journal of clinical investigation

Mittal P, Shin YH, Yatsenko SA, Castro CA, Surti U, Rajkovic A

Exome sequencing reveals MCM8 mutation underlies ovarian failure and chromosomal instability.

The Journal of clinical investigation

AlAsiri S, Basit S, Wood-Trageser MA, Yatsenko SA, Jeffries EP, Surti U, Ketterer DM, Afzal S, Ramzan K, Faiyaz-Ul Haque M, Jiang H, Trakselis MA, Rajkovic A

MCM9 mutations are associated with ovarian failure, short stature, and chromosomal instability.

American journal of human genetics

Wood-Trageser MA, Gurbuz F, Yatsenko SA, Jeffries EP, Kotan LD, Surti U, Ketterer DM, Matic J, Chipkin J, Jiang H, Trakselis MA, Topaloglu AK, Rajkovic A

SOHLH1 and SOHLH2 coordinate spermatogonial differentiation.

Developmental biology

Suzuki H, Ahn HW, Chu T, Bowden W, Gassei K, Orwig K, Rajkovic A

Hormad1 mutation disrupts synaptonemal complex formation, recombination, and chromosome segregation in mammalian meiosis.

PLoS genetics

Shin YH, Choi Y, Erdin SU, Yatsenko SA, Kloc M, Yang F, Wang PJ, Meistrich ML, Rajkovic A

Breast cancer after use of estrogen plus progestin in postmenopausal women.

The New England journal of medicine

Chlebowski RT, Kuller LH, Prentice RL, Stefanick ML, Manson JE, Gass M, Aragaki AK, Ockene JK, Lane DS, Sarto GE, Rajkovic A, Schenken R, Hendrix SL, Ravdin PM, Rohan TE, Yasmeen S, Anderson G

NOBOX deficiency disrupts early folliculogenesis and oocyte-specific gene expression.

Science (New York, N.Y.)

Rajkovic A, Pangas SA, Ballow D, Suzumori N, Matzuk MM