Shaeri Mukherjee + Marilyn Steyert

September 23, 2021

Shaeri Mukherjee, Ph.D. (Faculty)
"Traveling waves: how bacterial pathogens rewire host membranes"
Hsieh, Ting-Sung, Lopez, Victor A., Black, Miles H., et al. Science. 2021 May 28;372(6545):935-941.


Marilyn Steyert (Student)
"Could've had a V1: Vision is required for cell-type specification in the visual cortex"
Cheng, S., Butrus, S., Xu, V., Sagireddy, S., Tan, L., Shekhar, K., & Zipursky, S. L. (2021). Vision is Required for Cell Type Specification in the Visual Cortex. bioRxiv.
Coaches: Tomasz Nowakowski, Ph.D. and Michael Oldham, Ph.D.