Zach Gardell and Grace Hernandez

March 11, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Zach Gardell (Student)
"Taking a page out of the embryonic playbook: Cancers repurpose diapause to persist through treatment"
Dhimolea, E., et al. An Embryonic Diapause-like Adaptation with Suppressed Myc Activity Enables Tumor Treatment Persistence. Cancer Cell 2021, 0 (0).
Coaches: Andrei Goga and Ryan Corces 

Grace Hernandez (Student)
"Stanniocalcin stands in the way of effective APC-mediated phagocytosis by its interaction with mitochondrial Calreticulin in tumors"
Lin, H., Kryczek, I., Li, S., Green, M. D., Ali, A., Hamasha, R., Wei, S., Vatan, L., Szeliga, W., Grove, S., Li, X., Li, J., Wang, W., Yan, Y., Choi, J. E., Li, G., Bian, Y., Xu, Y., Zhou, J.,  Zou, W. (2021). Stanniocalcin 1 is a phagocytosis checkpoint driving tumor immune resistance. Cancer Cell, 1–14.
Coaches: Jayanta Debnath and Matthew Krummel