Katharine Yu and Nikolai Zapero

June 14, 2018
12:00 PM

Katharine Yu (Student)
"MERGE-ing big data with drug screening to improve molecular marker predictions"
Lee, S. I. et al. A machine learning approach to integrate big data for precision medicine in acute myeloid leukemia. Nature Communications 9(42): 1-13. (2018).
Coaches: Aaron Diaz and Catherine Smith

Nikolai Zapero (Student)
"You are what you don't eat? How the fasting intestine spurs regenerative capacity through fatty acid oxidation"
Mihaylova, M. et al. Fasting Activates Fatty Acid Oxidation to Enhance Intestinal Stem Cell Function during Homeostasis and Aging. Cell Stem Cell 22, 769-778.e4. (2018).
Coaches: Andrew Brack and Barbara Panning

Mission Bay videoconference: MH-1405