Elizabeth Hwang and David Shin

April 12, 2018
12:00 PM

Elizabeth Hwang (Student)
"CRISPR Clue: discovering the source of dipeptide-repeat-protein neurotoxicity"
Kramer, N. J. et al. CRISPR-Cas9 screens in human cells and primary neurons identify modifiers of C9ORF72 dipeptide-repeat-protein toxicity. Nature Genetics. (2018).
Coaches: Daniel Lim and Martin Kampmann

David Shin (Student)
"Raiders of the Lost Arx: Searching for Lost Phenotypes After Deleting Ultraconserved Enhancers"
Dickel, D.E. et al. Ultraconserved Enhancers are Required for Normal Development. Cell 172(3): 491-499.e15 (2018).
Coaches: Nadav Ahituv, Yin Shen, and Alex Pollen

Mission Bay videoconference: MH-1405