Andy Chang and Jeanmarie Gonzalez

November 30, 2017
12:00 PM

Andy Chang, PhD (Faculty)
"Who needs oxygen when you have fructose"
Park, TJ. et al. Fructose-driven glycolysis supports anoxia resistance in the naked mole-rat. Science. 2017 Apr 21;356(6335):307-311.​

Jeanmarie Gonzalez (Student)
"Bad intestines: oral bacteria driving inflammation in the gut"
Atarashi, K. et al. Ectopic colonization of oral bacteria in the intestine drives Th1 cell induction and inflammation. Science. 358, 6361, 359-365. 20 October 2017.
Coaches: Tiffany Scharschmidt and Peter Turnbaugh

Mission Bay videoconference: MH-1405