JJ Miranda and Jerika Barron

September 21, 2017
12:00 PM

JJ Miranda, PhD (Faculty)
“Redefining viral infection during cancer”
Yogev O, Henderson S, Hayes MJ, Marelli SS, Ofir-Birin Y, Regev-Rudzki N, et al. (2017) Herpesviruses shape tumour microenvironment through exosomal transfer of viral microRNAs. PLoS Pathog 13(8): e1006524.

Jerika Barron (Student)
"Stop interferon’ with my synapses! IFN drives microglia-dependent synapse loss in CNS lupus"
Bialas, A. R. et al. Microglia-dependent synapse loss in type I interferon-mediated lupus. Nature 546, 539–543 (2017).
Coaches: Anna Molofsky and Susanna Rosi

Mission Bay videoconference: MH-1405