Jerika Barron and Camile Simoneau

March 23, 2017
12:00 PM

Jerika Barron (student)
"The original 3D cell culture: Using a humanized mouse brain to model Alzheimer’s"
Espuny-Camacho, I., et al. "Hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease in Stem-Cell-Derived Human Neurons Transplanted into Mouse Brain." Neuron. 2017. 93(5): 1066-1081.
Coaches: Eric Huang and Jen Yokoyama

Camile Simoneau (student)
"The true drought culprit: CD8+ T cells decrease reservoir size"
Takata, H., et al. "Delayed differentiation of potent effector CD8+ T cells reducing viremia and reservoir seeding in acute HIV infection." Science Translational Medicine. 2017. 9:(377).
Coaches: Melanie Ott and Trevor Burt

Mission Bay videoconference: MH-1405