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BMS Retreat

Granlibakken Conference Center & Resort
North Lake Tahoe
Friday-Saturday-Sunday, October 10-12, 2014

2014 Retreat Organizers:
Jason Rock, PhD
Noelle L’Etoile

All faculty, students and postdocs in BMS-affiliated labs are welcome! In particular, we encourage postdocs to attend.

Online registration opens July 21, 2014. Please click here.
Additionally, attendees must complete the recharge authorization form.

***1st and 2nd year students do not have to submit payment authorization, BUT THEY DO HAVE TO REGISTER***

Retreat Agenda
The retreat will consist of 8 scientific sessions covering the major thematic areas of the program. The schedule (subject to change) is available here.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone

Other speakers will include faculty members Natalia Jura, Jeroen Roose, Torsten Wittmann, Ophir Klein, Shingo Kajimura, Michael Rosenblum, Barbara Panning, DeBroski Herbert, Nadav Ahituv, Margaret Feeney, Jeanne Paz, Shaeri Mukherjee, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla, Arnold Kriegstein, Lily Jan, Tippi MacKenzie, Tamara Alliston, Stephen Fancy, Marta Margeta, Eric Snyder, Peter Turnbaugh, Feroz Papa and Rosemary Akhurst; postdoctoral fellows Travis Ruch (Engel lab), Andrew Kodani (Reiter lab), Oren Rosenburg (Cox lab), Laralynne Przbyla (Weaver lab), Katie White (Barber lab), and Zach Szpiech (Hernandez lab) and student speakers Laura Simpson (Ansel lab), Tali Mazor (Costello lab), Sky Feuer (Rinaudo lab), and Liz Unger (Shah lab).

Instructions for registration
Retreat registration will open on Monday, July 21, 2014.
Registration deadline is Friday, August 29, 2014.

Faculty and postdoc attendees must download the recharge authorization form (available as of July 21). The PI must sign it and assign a ChartString. Please return the form to the BMS office per the instructions on the form. This is in addition to the online registration.

Typically, we assign students and to townhouses and/or standard bedrooms (which are located in the Main Lodge or other buildings), and postdocs to standard bedrooms. Faculty are assigned to Executive Lodge rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. Those faculty wishing for an alternate room assignment, such as a standard bedroom in the Main Lodge, should indicate this preference when completing the online registration.

Please note that additional costs for entertainment will be added to room costs for each participant. Total costs per participant for a 2-night stay will vary (TBD).
Standard Bedrooms and Townhouses
Double Occupancy: $446.40 per participant for a 2-night stay
Single Occupancy: $588.00 per participant for a 2-night stay
The above rates are based on $186.00 per person, per day double occupancy and $245.00 per person, per day single occupancy, plus 20% tax and service.

Executive Lodge and Studio Units
Double Occupancy: $508.80 per participant for a 2-night stay
Single Occupancy: $705.60 per participant for a 2-night stay
The above rates are based on $212.00 per person, per day double occupancy and $294.00 per person, per day single occupancy, plus 20% tax and service.

Day Guests
Day guests will not be charged for accommodation. However, participants not staying at Granlibakken will be charged $100 per person per day, plus 20% tax and service. This includes 3 full meals per day, coffee breaks, use of the meeting and recreational facilities, and parking.

The cost of meals is included with the registration fee. All meals are served buffet-style. Meals provided include:
· Fri., 10/10: dinner
· Sat., 10/11: breakfast, lunch, dinner
· Sun., 10/12: breakfast, lunch

In addition, refreshments will be provided during morning coffee breaks and the evening social activities.

To read about lodging and see floor plans of the rooms, click here.

The BMS office will assign rooms. Participants can request specific roommates or room types during the registration process. Double occupancy rooms are available for students, postdocs and faculty. Single occupancy rooms for faculty are available on a first-come, first-served basis at a higher rate. A final room assignment list will be distributed shortly before the retreat.

Getting to Granlibakken
Maps and Driving Directions
Google map to Granlibakken from Parnassus
Directions from the Granlibakken website
Map of Granlibakken grounds

We will maintain car pool lists for your convenience, but will depend on attendees to make specific travel arrangements to and from the retreat.

Local Guides
· About Granlibakken
· Seasonal Amenities

Poster Session
All attendees are encouraged to participate in the poster session. We are planning a program for the poster session, and therefore request that you send us the title of your poster by Friday, September 5, 2014.

All posters should be mounted as soon as you arrive and left up for the duration of the retreat.
-Posters must fit in an area 4' x 4'.
-The mounting boards are 4' x 8', allowing two posters on each side of the boards.
-Push pins, mounting boards and easels will be provided. We will also provide basic supplies such as pens, pencils, scratch paper, scissors, Scotch tape, masking tape and staplers.
-Presenters should be at their posters during the entire presentation period.