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Neil Risch, PhD

Neil Risch, PhD
Professor and Director, Institute for Human Genetics
Research Summary:
Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Statistical Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology
Dr. Risch, a statistical geneticist and genetic epidemiologist, is involved in a variety of projects of both a theoretical and applied nature. These studies include both clinical and population genetic projects. For example, one study involves identification of genes underlying the torsion dystonias. To date, Dr. Risch and his collaborators have identified several genes for specific subtypes of idiopathic dystonia , yet a number of variant forms remain unmapped. Current research involves additional mapping and positional cloning of these variant forms. Dr. Risch has also collaborated in large, multi-site projects on genetic susceptibility to hypertension and cardiovascular disease endpoints. These projects involve linkage analysis, positional cloning, and population based association studies. One of these studies recently led to the identification of regions on chromosomes 6 and 21 by admixture linkage disequilibrium analysis in African American subjects with hypertension. Dr. Risch plans to expand the admixture studies to other cardiovascular and metabolic phenotypes in both African American and Hispanic study subjects. He has a longstanding collaborative project underway, with Canadian colleagues, on genetic susceptibility to multiple sclerosis. These studies investigate both genetic and environmental hypotheses. In the genetics realm of this project , he continues to examine linkage and positional cloning projects on over 1,000 multi-case families and undertake new candidate gene studies as well as linkage disequilibrium approaches. A major focus will continue on the examination of genetic contributions of the HLA region. He is collaborating with Drs. Kathleen Giacomini (UCSF) and Catherine Schaefer at Kaiser on pharmacogenetics of membrane transporters and, specifically, their role in response to antidepressant medications. He has several ongoing population genetic studies that examine the relationship between genetic variation and social categorizations such as race and ethnicity, and the importance of these relationships for identifying genetic factors underlying common and complex diseases, as well as rarer, Mendelian forms. He is also collaborating on genetics projects of autism and Crohn's Disease as well as genetic disorders in the Jewish population.

Selected Publications

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