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Lewis Lanier, PhD

Lewis Lanier, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Research Summary:
NK cell receptors in viral immunity, tumor immunity, and autoimmunity

Immune responses are regulated by membrane receptors that serve to activate or inhibit cell proliferation and clonal expansion, cytokines production, and cell-mediated cytotoxicity. Our lab focuses on the human and mouse activating and inhibitory receptors that are predominantly expressed by Natural Killer (NK) cells, but are also present on subsets of effector/memory T cells and some myeloid cells.  We are investigating how NK cells recognize and eliminate virus-infected cells and tumors.  Recent studies from our lab have demonstrated that NK cells, like T cells and B cells, possess immunological memory after infection with cytomegatovirus. Studies are directed towards defining the molecular basis for NK cell memory.

Selected Publications

Sun, J.C., J.N. Beilke, and L.L. Lanier. 2009. Adaptive immune features of Natural Killer cells. Nature 457:557-561.

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