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Leor Weinberger, PhD

Leor Weinberger, PhD
Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Senior Investigator, Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology
Research Summary:
Regulatory Circuitry of Viruses and Engineering Novel Therapeutics

Many viruses have the ability to undergo a developmental decision to either replicate in the cell or enter a long-lived transcriptionally silent state (i.e. a dormant or “latent” state).  The resulting latent reservoirs are the greatest barrier to treatment and eradication of many viruses.  We aim to define the transcriptional 'master circuits' that viruses use to regulate the developmental ‘switch’ between viral latency and active viral replication. 

Our lab employs both quantitative single-cell imaging and computational approaches (mathematical modeling) to probe the kinetics of these gene-regulatory circuits in live cells.  We have a long-standing interest in how transcriptional fluctuations (‘noise’) regulate viral fate decisions.  We are also actively translating our basic science discoveries to engineer novel classes of antiviral therapies.

We are pioneering a new class of anti-HIV molecular parasites called Therapeutic Interfering Particles, or TIPs (Metzger et al., 2011).  TIPs replicate only in HIV-infected cells and parasitize HIV molecular componentry to reduce viral load and infectivity.  As a result of this piggybacking, TIPs could transmit along the same transmission routes as HIV and have the potential to be ‘resistance-proof’ single-administration therapies and could automatically target those most in need of therapy to reduce HIV burden, especially in resource-limited settings such as sub-Saharan Africa.

We study viruses such as HIV and Herpesviruses (e.g. CMV) not only because they are significant human health problems but also because viruses are ideal model systems to probe cell-fate determination: they allow for rapid testing and have a long history of driving seminal discoveries in biology (e.g. the demonstration of the DNA->RNA->protein central dogma, discovery of codons, and the discovery of oncogenes). 

Selected Publications

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