*Listed by year graduated then alphabetically by last name. Only the previous five years' graduates are listed.

Student PI Year Graduated Dissertation Title
Aude Bouagnon Ashrafi 2019 Neural Regulatory Mechanisms that Link Metabolism and Behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans
Stacey Frumm Tward 2019 Cellular Dynamics of Tympanic Membrane Homeostasis and Perforation Repair
Daniel Holohan Bluestone 2019 Peripherally-Derived Regulatory T Cells in Mouse Autoimmune Diabetes
Vassily Kutyavin Chawla 2019 BCL6 maintains thermogenic capacity of brown adipose tissue during dormancy
Melissa Ng Burt 2019 Helios enhances the preferential differentiation of fetal naïve CD4+ T cells into regulatory T cells
Amanda Paulson Gartner 2019 The role of cell-cell interactions in population level dynamics of partial EMT states
Theo Roth Marson 2019 Non-viral engineering of immune cell specificity and function
Dimitre Simeonov Marson 2019 Understanding human autoimmunity risk within the IL2RA super enhancer
Nicolaus Strauli Hernandez 2019 On the Inference of Convergence, Selection, and Coevolution of Rapidly Evolving Populations
Corey Tan Zikherman 2019 Negative regulation of B cell responses by Nur77 (Nr4a1)
Alice Taubes Huang, Y 2019 ApoE-Genotype-Specific Drug Repositioning Identifies Bumetanide as an Effective Compound in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
Erron Titus Jura 2019 The crystal structure of a cardiac calsequestrin filament reveals an atomic mechanism of calsequestrin-associated catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
Ibraheem Ali Ott 2018 Role of Post-Translational Protein Modifications in Regulating HIV-1 and Mammalian Transcription
Aarati Asundi L'Etoile 2018 Olfactory sensory neuron regulation of the c.elegans germline in response to environment
Roman Camarda Goga 2018 Metabolic requirements necessitate microenvironments crosstalk in breast cancer
Nyasha Chagwedera Chawla 2018 The role of the CD11c+ cells Tsc1-mTORC1 nutrient sensing pathway in metabolic homeostasis
Eric Dang Cyster 2018 Control of macrophage-mediated inflammation by 25-hydroxycholesterol
John Gagnon Ansel 2018 The role of miR-15/16 in T cell biology
Juliet Goldsmith Debnath 2018 Translation regulation by autophagy and nutrient stress
Thomas Hennings Ku 2018 Transcription factors in human pancreatic beta-cell development
Christina Heuschen Dumont 2018 Force localization at spindle microtuble minus-ends
Arman Jahangiri Aghi 2018 Cross-activating c-Met/β1 integrin complex drives metastasis and invasive resistance in cancer
Lindsey Jones Costello 2018 Patient-derived models of IDH1-mutant, hypermutated glioma
Kamena Kostova Weissman 2018 The role of the Ribosome Quality Control Complex (RQC) in Maintaining Protein Homeostasis in Yeast and Higher Eukaryotes
Jinwoo Lee Locksley 2018 Origin and Potentiation of Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Lung
Sophia Levan Lynch 2018 Neonatal gut-microbiome-derived 12,13 DiHOME impedes tolerance and promotes childhood atopy and asthma
Erick Lu Cyster 2018 Oxysterol requirements for positioning naïve and activated dendritic cells
Andrew Mancini Costello 2018 Regulation of replicative immortality by GABPβ1L in TERT promoter mutant glioblastoma
Evan Markegard McCormick 2018 Oncogene-mediated inhibition of the Spred1 tumor suppressor
KT Nguyen Costello 2018  
Terren Niethamer Bush 2018 Ephrin-B1 Regulation of Cell Positioning in Craniofacial Development and Congenital Disease
Mark Noviski Zikherman 2018 Non-redundant functions of IgM and IgD B cell receptors in B cell biology
Stephanie Parker Ramalho-Santos 2018 Effects of vitamin C deficiency on germ cell development in utero
Ysbrand Nusse Klein 2018 The Effects of Immune Reactions to Helminth Parasites on Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cells
Pallavi Penumetcha Noble 2018 Candida albicans morphology and commensal fitness in the mammalian gut
Kelly Remedios Rosenblum 2018 Role of CD27 in maintenance of Treg in the skin
Alex Samocha Roose 2018 Mammary Epithelial Cell Fate & EGFR-Rasgrp1-Ras Effector Signals
Melissa Sandoval-Gonzalez Hart 2018 Zebrafish Mespaa and miR-430 Regulate Signaling Pathways Involved in Heart Development
Christine Sheridan DeRisi 2018 Probing Translational Regulation by the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum: Applying a Novel In Vitro Assay to Identify Genetic Determinants of Regulation and Identify Small Molecules Exploiting P. falciparum Translation as a Drug Target
Emily Tang Allen 2018 Early events that initiate the allergic recall response at the airways
Raul Torres Hernandez 2018 The Effects of Background Selection and Demography on Patterns of Neutral Variation within the Genome
Roger Chang Edwards 2017 Role of chloride in vesicular glutamate transport
Amy Chen Blelloch 2017 Epigenetic regulation of the transition from naive to formative pluripotency
Bevin English Sil 2017 The Transcription Factor CHOP, an Effector of the Integrated Stress Response, is Required for Host Sensitivity to the Fungal Intracellular Pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum
Brittany Gianetti Noble 2017 Candida albicans phenotypic switching and functional plasticity in the mammalian host
Tianyu Hu Blelloch 2017 Determining the mechanisms of slective miRNA packaging for extracellular miRNA secretion in prostate cancer
Robin Kageyama Ansel 2017 miR-29 regulation of helper T cell differentiation and function
Marie La Russa Stanley Qi (Stanford) 2017 Programmed cell fate changes in embryonic stem cells using CRISPR technology
Viola Lam Lanier 2017 Natural Killer Cell-specific Genes: Klf12 and Spry2
Samira Khakpour Lawton Hellman 2017 Role of endocannabinoids on inflammatory responses on endothelial cells
Andrew Lechner Rock 2017 Recruited Monocytes and Type 2 Cytokines Promote Lung Regeneration
Siyuan John Liu Lim 2017 Identification and functional characterization of long non-coding RNAs in development and disease
Lisandro Maya-Ramos Mikawa 2017 Programmed cell death at the midline patterns ipsilateral gastrulation in the amniote
Melissa McCreery Balmain 2017 Progression and genetic evolution of metastic skin carcinoma
Misty Montoya Ansel 2017 MicroRNA Regulation of Th17 Cell Differentiation
Stephanie Moquin Miranda 2017 Novel molecular insights into Epstein-Barr virus reactivation
Adriana Mujal Krummel 2017 Regulation of T cell activation and proliferation through cell-intrinsic cytoskeletal elements and cell-extrinsic cellular interactions
Darienne Myers Roose 2017 Dynamic Tuning of CD4+ T cells by Tonic Signals
Dana Neel Bivona 2017 Defining the oncogenic effects of ARID2 loss on PBAF composition and function
Daniel Nguyen Laird 2017 The role of apoptosis and clinical selection in germ cell development
Philip Nova Huanh, Y. 2017 Enhanced Inhibitory Neurotransmission as a Therapeutic Target in ApoE4-Related Alzheimer’s Disease
Jenny Qi Oakes 2017 Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors
Lauren Rodda Cyster 2017 Mechanism by which follicular dendritic cells contribute to the germinal center response
Meera Shenoy Lynch 2017 Lung-Gut Microbial Axis of Ugandan HIV-Infected Pneumonia Patients
Nicole Stone Srivastava 2017 Investigation of DNA and Histonic Modifications Underlying Direct Cardiac Reprogramming
May Szeto Shah 2017 Mechanisms of RAS/MAPK Signaling by BCR-ABL1 in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Joe Udeochu Villeda 2017 The role of extracellular vesicles in microglia neuroinflammation and aging
Julia Ye Blelloch 2017 Post-transcriptional regulation of pluripotency by microRNAs and RNA binding proteins
Joan Zape Zovein 2017 Investigating Intra-aortic Clusters in Hemogenic Endothelium of the Dorsal Aorta Reveals a Transitory Niche for Early Hematopoietic Development

Andrea Cantu

Laird 2016 The Role of Ror2 in Primordial Germ Cell Migration

Avantika Chitre

McCune 2016 Investigating the Establishment of Intestinal Epithelial Dysfunction  during Viremic HIV Infection and Recovery upon Antiretroviral Therapy

Benjamin Cohn

Sanjabi 2016 Role of TGFβ in mucosal immunity and HIV transmission

Kevin Dumas

Shieh 2016 The multiple EGF-like domain protein ITGBL1 is involved in heart development and modulates cellular response to collagen

Mark Jeng

Ott 2016 Control of HIV transcription by lysine methyltransferases
Bianca Lee Shah 2016 Mechanisms of FLT3 dimerization and activation

Todd Logan

Edwards 2016 Alpha-Synuclein Promotes Dilation of the Exocytotic Fusion Pore

Jordan Mar

Lynch 2016 Investigating the Clinical Utility of the Gastrointestinal Microbiome in Ulcerative Colitis

Tali Mazor

Costello 2016 Evolution of low-grade glioma through intratumoral heterogeneity of the genome and epigenome

Vien Nguyen

Rowitch 2016 Therapeutic Effects of a Sonic Hedgehog Agonist on Developmental Cerebellar Brain Injury
David Pardo Rock 2016 The role of TMEM16a in breast cancer and gastrointestinal physiology

Richard Parenteau

Kenyon 2016  

Megan Robblee

Koliwad 2016 Macrophage Activation by Fatty Acids

Melissa Ruck

Hermiston 2016 Myeloid contribution to regulation of immune tolerance in a mouse model of SLE
Koy Saeteurn Dernyck 2016 Dissecting the Roles of TGF-b Receptors in TGF-b-Induced PI3K-Akt Activation

Lauren Shields

Nakamura 2016 Mitochondrial Fission in Neuronal Function and Models of Alzheimer's Disease

Allyson Spence

Qizhi Tang 2016 Maintenance of Tregs at the Site of Chronic Inflammation

Hanna Kuznetsov Starobinets

Debnath 2016 Anti-Cancer T Cell Response Remains Intact During Autophagy Inhibition

Jillian Varonin

German 2016 Characterization of GFAP+ Islet Glial Cells

Yang Zhang

Cyster 2016 Mechanism of innate lymphocyte shuttling between parenchyma and subcapsular sinus to provide lymph node barrier immunity

Meghan McKeon Zubradt

Weissman 2016 Novel methods for the quantitative determination of RNA folding on a genome-wide scale and in a targeted manner

Brittany Anderton

Goga 2015 Reprogramming of Glutamate Metabolism and Redox Homeostasis in De Novo MYC-Driven Liver Tumors
Dale Ando Finkbeiner 2015 Automated, High-throughput Analysis of Neurite Dynamics in Neurodegenerative Disease
Siang Yun Ang Bruneau 2015 An essential role for H3K4 methyltransferase KMT2D in heart development
Robert Bell Costello 2015 Discovery and molecular mechanism of cis-regulatory element mutations in cancer
Samantha Bell Cox 2015 Cytosolic detection of the vacuolar pathogen, Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Miranda Broz Krummel 2015 The Critical Role of CD103+ Dendritic Cells in Anti-Tumor T Cell Immunity
Ryan Delgado Lim 2015 Chromatin-modifying factor Mll1 maintains neural stem cell regional identity in the postnatal mouse brain
Katherine Farrar Hellman 2015 Innate immune signaling in spesis mediated by ERK5 and endothelial TLR2
Sky Feuer Rinaudo 2015 Sexually dimorphic effects of in vitro fertilization (IVF) on offspring growth and metabolism: a mouse model
Anna Gillespie Huang, Y 2015 Characterizing APOE4-Induced Hippocampal Network Deficits in Mice
Si-Han Hai Hermiston 2015 Autoimmune kidney damage correlates with autoantibody specificity and inflammatory mononuclear cell phenotype in the CD45 mutant mouse model of lupus
Yuyuan Han Cyster 2015 Zinc finger protein Zfp335 is required for the formation of the naïve T cell compartment
Robert Hesse Pomerantz 2015 The Duality of ARF: Enhanced Tumor Suppression at the Expense of Cellular Plasticity and Regenerative Ability
Gorjan Hrustanovic Bivona 2015 The Molecular Pathogenesis of EML4-ALK Driven Lung Cancer and Strategies to Overcome Clinical Resistance to ALK Inhibitors
Candia Kenific Debnath 2015 Regulation of metastatic phenotypes by autophagy
Taylor LaFlam Anderson 2015 The cis-Regulation of Aire Expression
Florie Mar Stohr 2015 Autophagy-Independent Senescence and Genome Instability  Driven by Targeted Telomere Dysfunction
Annalise Petriello Mukherjee 2015 Molecular mechanisms of Legionella pneumophila pathogenesis
Cameron Pitt McCormick 2015 Targeting Ras in Cancer: Mutation-Specific Dependencies in Oncogenic Signaling
Irina Proekt DeFranco 2015 Organ-Specific Autoimmunity Resulting from Combined Defects in Two Tolerance Checkpoints
Renee Rivas Srivastava 2015 Genomic and Cellular Analysis of a GATA4 Mutation in Human iPS Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes
Laura Simpson Ansel 2015 MicroRNA regulation of Th2 cell function and asthma pathogenesis
Kasia Skrzypczynska Weiss, A. 2015 Reciprocal regulation of B cell antigen receptor signaling by CD148 and Csk
Gianne Souza Sil 2015  
Yunshuo (Caroline) Tang Alvarez-Buylla 2015 Role of MGE- and CGE-derived Interneuron Subtypes in Transplant-induced Cortical Plasticity
Elisabeth Unger Shah, Nirao 2015 The role of aromatase in sexually dimorphic behaviors
Ivan Vujkovic-Cvijin McCune 2015 Effects of the gut-resident bacterial microbiome on host immune function during HIV/SIV disease
Eric Wang Oakes 2015 The Role of Apoptosis in Differentiation and Disease