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Joe Costello, PhD

Joe Costello, PhD
Professor, Neurological Surgery
Karen Osney Brownstein Endowed Chair
Research Summary:
Integrated genomic and epigenomic mechanisms contributing to cancer

The Costello laboratory focuses on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in gene regulation, as well as technology development and application to stem cells and brain cancer.   We apply next-generation sequencing to study DNA methylation, histone methylation, RNA expression, genetic variation and mutations.  My laboratory has a long standing interest in understanding how genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulate gene expression in human cells and tissues during development and during initiation and progression of human brain tumors.   We also use deep integration of patient imaging and treatment data with longitudinal genomics of tumor subclones to understand tumor evolution.

Selected Publications

Costello JF. Stem Cells: Tips for priming potency (editorial). Nature 2008 July 3, 454, 45-46.

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Zhou X, Lowdon RF, Li D, Lawson HA, Madden PA, *Costello JF, *Wang T. Exploring long-range genome interactions using the WashU Epigenome Browser. Nat Methods. 2013 May;10(5):375-5. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2440. *co-corresponding authors

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