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(previous five years)

Student PI Year Graduated Dissertation Title
Jennifer Bando Locksley 2006-2014 Identification and distribution of developing innate lymphoid cells in the fetal mouse intestine
Hengamel Zahed Kargaran Finkbeiner 2007-2014  
Pankai Sahai Nystul 2007-2014 The follicle stem cells require a dynamic population of stromal cells in the Drosophila ovary
Robyn Mills Hermiston 2007-2014 Cellular and molecular contributions of tlr9 to autoreactive b cells in a murine model of systemic lupus erythematosus
Justin Chen Weiss, W   The Genetics of Splicing in Neuroblastoma
Leonard Chavez Verdin 2007-2014  
Marta Wegorzewska MacKenzie 2008-2014 Maternal Immune Recognition of the Semi-Allogeneic Fetus During Fetal Intervention in Mice
Megan Salt McCormick 2008-2014 Epithelial to mesenchymal transition rewires the mechanisms of proliferation and survival
Nir Oksenberg Ahituv 2008-2014 The Function and Regulation of AUTS2
Lyndsay Murrow Debnath 2008-2014 Atg12-Atg3 interacts with Alix to promote basal autophagic flux and late endosome function
Brett Johnson Costello 2008-2014 Genetic divergence and therapy-driven evolution between initial and recurrent glioma
Elisabeth Krow-Lucal Engel 2009-2014 Distinct functional programming in human fetal and adult monocytes
Joshua Faguet Cheyette 2009-2014 Neuroendocrine Circuits governing C. elegans decision-making
Alexander Ramos Weiss, A 2010-2014 The role of noncoding RNAs in neurogenesis
Gabriel Reyes Abbas 2010-2014 Genetic Determinants of Disease Persistence and Overt Off-Target Resistance to TKI Therapy in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Carlos Rojo Seilestad 2012-2014 Elucidating the Genetics of Vaccine-Induced Febrile Seizure Through a GWAS and Exome Sequencing
Michael Sachs Ramalho-Santos 2007-2013 Epigenetic Regulation of Transcription and Cellular Potency during Mammalian Development
Any Heidersbach Srivastava 2008-2013 The Role of microRNA-1 in the Mammalian Heart
Julie VanderMeer Ahituv 2007-2013 Cis-regulatory elements in limb development and human congenital malformations
Francesca Gazzaniga Blackburn 2007-2013 Non-canonical roles for telomerase in T cells and breast cancer cells
Adrian Barker Coughlin 2007-2013 Protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR2) in epithelial biology
Alexandra Greer Shin 2008-2013 Human dendritic cells accumulate in lung disease and contribute to serum IgE clearance via FcERI
Todd Metzger Anderson 2008-2013 Control of Central and Peripheral Tolerance by Aire
Ashley Mahne Tang 2007-2013 Dissecting immune regulation and dysregulation in autoimmune diabetes from the vantage point of the target tissue
Ying Xim Tan A. Weiss 2007-2013 The role of Csk in the dynamic negative regulation of T cell receptor signaling
Kathryn Blaschke Ramalho-Santos 2007-2013 Vitamin C induces Tet-dependent DNA demethylation and a blastocyst-like state in embryonic stem cells
Kegan Donlan Shannon 2006-2013 Response and Resistance to Targeted Inhibitors in T-Lineage Leukemias
David Staudt (MSTP) Stainier 2009-2013 Live Imaging of Myocardial Development in the Zebrafish
Albert Lee (MSTP) Ma 2008-2013 Otubain 1 in T cell homeostasis and programmed cell death
Arif Hussain Saleem (MSTP) Coughlin 2006-2013 The Role of Zebrafish Adhesion GPCR Eltd1 in Left-Right Asymmetry and Cardiovascular Development
Matthew Wheeler DeFranco 2006-2013 Fine-tuning B cell antigen receptor signaling by reactive oxygen species and diacylglycerol metabolism
Timothy Schmidt (MSTP) Cyster 2010-2013 CXCR4 Promotes B Cell Egress from Peyer's Patches
Brian Webster Greene 2006-2013 Elucidating the Nature of Viral Competition in Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Michael Patnode Rosen 2006-2013 Carbohydrate Binding Receptors in Leukocyte Migration and Activation
Ian Kratter (MSTP) Finkbeiner 2008-2013 Serine 421 is a Crucial Mediator of Pathology in a Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease
Noelle Huskey Mullin Goga 2007-2013 Targeting Cyclin Dependent Kinases in Embryonic Stem Cells and Cancer
Alex Greninger (MSTP) DeRisi 2007-2013 Genomics and Proteomics of Picornaviruses
Jonathan Russell (MSTP) Ptacek 2010-2013 Familial Cortical Myoclonus Caused by Mutation in NOL3
Lionel Lim Goga 2007-2013 Understanding the Potential of MicroRNAs as Novel Therapeutic Targets in Cancer
Chris Nelson DeRisi 2007-2012 Regulation of transcription in pathogens, yeast and people
Lauren Herl Martens Farese 2006-2012 The Role of Progranulin in CNS Injury and Disease
Yelena Bronevetsky Ansel 2007-2012 Investigation into the mechanisms underlying activation-induced microRNA and Argonautc downrcgulation in helper T cells
Jon Clingan Matloubian 2006-2012 The Role of Innate Immune Recognition in Chronic Viral Infection
Annie Arguello Cheyette 2006-2012 Dactl cooperates with Dishevelled-1 and Disrupted in Schizophrenia-1 during postsynaptic development in mouse forebrain GABAergic interneurons
Michelle Toft Graham Lowell 2005-2012 Constitutive Syk Activity Deregulates Cell Signaling and Hematopoiesis
Melissa Ehlers Stewart Black 2005-2012 NFATc1 controls skeletal muscle fiber type and is a negative regulator of MyoD transcriptional activity
Angela Sia Muchowski 2005-2012 Mechanisms of Amyloid-beta Toxicity in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sarah Gierke Wittmann 2006-2012 Function and dynamics of microtubules and plus-end-tracking proteins during 3d epithelial remodeling
Mark White Srivastava 2006-2012 The Role of NOTCH1 Signaling in Aortic Valve Calcification
Robert Judson Blelloch 2007-2012 MicroRNAs Promote Induced Pluripotency Through the Regulation of Cooperative Gene Networks
Jane Yu Schneider 2008-2012 On Generation of Variation in Craniofacial Development and Evolution
Elizabeth Gray Cyster 2007-2012 Development and function of IL-17-committed gdT cells
Renee VanderLaan Hebrok 2006-2012 Regulation of the development of pancreatic diseases by cell intrinsic and stromal influences
Kyriacos Koupparis McKerrow 2007-2012 Investigating the function of CLK1 kinase in Trypanosoma brucei and identifying other essential kinases
Sachi Jain Yim Huang, Y. 2007-2012 Investigating the Effects of ADP-Ribosylation Factor (ARF) 4 on Pattern Separation and Dendritic Spine Development in Mice
Josie Clowney Lomvardas 2007-2012 Genomic and nuclear organization of olfactory receptors
Jonathan Chou (MSTP) Werb 2008-2012 Insights into breast cancer metastasis: understanding the roles of transcription factors, microRNAs and the tumor microenvironment
Renatta Knox (MSTP) Ferriero 2007-2012 Fyn in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury
Raymond Ng Willenbring 2007-2012 A microRNA-21 surge facilitates rapid cyclin D1 translation and cell cycle progression in mouse liver regeneration
Karen Ring Huang, Y. 2007-2012 Direct Reprogramming of Mouse and Human Fibroblasts into Multipotent Neural Stem Cells with a Single Factor
Jeff Alexander Bruneau 2006-2012 Stage-specific Chromatin Modification and Regulation in Cardiomyocyte Differentiation
Emily Harrington (MSTP) Rowitch 2008-2012 Manipulating developmental mechanisms to promote remyelination
Feng-Yen Li (MSTP) Lenardo 2007-2012 XMEN disease reveals novel regulatory roles for magnesium in the immune system
Danielle Shin (MSTP) Braun 2007-2012 Biochemical Dissection of SHP-2 and C-CBL in Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia
Amy Moon Wynshaw-Boris 2006-2012 Molecular Genetics of Lissencephaly and Functions of LIS1 in Cell Division
Molly Thomas (MSTP) Ansel 2008-2012 Eri1 Regulation of Lymphocyte MicroRNA Homeostasis and Effector Functions
David Steiner (MSTP) Ansel 2008-2012 MicroRNA Regulation of Helper T Cell Cytokine Production and Differentiation
Ben Freeze (MSTP) Kreitzer 2008-2012 Optogenetic Dissection of Pathway-Specific Processing in the Basal Ganglia
Emily Elliott Lowell 2006-2012 Neutrophils as the Key Mediators of Antibody-induced Arthritis and Edema: The Central Role of Syk
Nicole Santos Reiter 2005-2012 Primary cilia mediate vertebrate Hedgehog signaling through the regulation of Smoothened and Gli2
Emily Thornton Krummel 2006-2012 Lung Surveillance Revealed by Two-Photon Live Imaging
Julie Hunkapiller Reiter 2005-2011 The Role of Cilia and Polycomb-like 3 in Embryonic Stem Cell Maintenance and Differentiation
William Schachterle Black 2005-2011 Transcriptional regulation of Gata4 in the developing heart
April Price Locksley 2005-2011 Reporter mice reveal unexpected sources of effector cytokines
Emily Gogol Gross 2006-2011 Discovery and Relevance of the Cell Envelope Stress Response sRNA Network in E.coli
Helen Hwang Rulifson 2006-2011 Serial specification during Drosophila placodal neurogenesis
Rebecca Lock Debnath 2005-2011 Novel functions for autophagy during Ras transformation
John Morris Hebrok 2004-2011 Rewired pancreatic plasticity and the specification of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma precursors
Varvara Zeldovich Bakardjiev 2007-2011 Placental Defenses against Infection
Kristen Coakley Roose 2006-2011 Regulation of RasGRP1 protein in thymocyte development and peripheral T cells
Kathryn Austgen Oakes/Ganem 2007-2011 Dissecting the ER stress-induced Apoptotic Pathway
You Bin Lin Brückner 2006-2011

Characterization of regulators of blood cell number identified in a Drosophila genome-wide RNAi screen

Yun Choi McManus 2005-2011 On RNA 3’-end Oligouridylation
Jana Broadhurst (MSTP) McCune 2007-2011 Beyond the hygiene hypothesis: exploring the immunology of helminthic therapy
Amy Young McCormick 2004-2011 Regulation of mitogen-activated protein kinase and phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling by wild-type and oncogenic Ras
Alana Lerner Papa 2005-2011 Investigation of apoptosis under endoplasmic reticulum stress during diabetes pathogenesis
Lisa Kelly Cyster 2005-2011 EBI2 positions naïve and activated B cells
Bethann Hromatka Fisher 2005-2011 Investigations into the human placenta:  sticky malaria and sweet sugars
Jesse Green Cyster 2005-2011 The sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor S1P2 maintains the homeostasis of germinal center B cells and promotes niche confinement
Corey Miller (MSTP) McCune 2006-2011 The sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor S1P2 maintains the homeostasis of germinal center B cells and promotes niche confinement
Jan Lui Kriegstein 2006-2011 Developmental expansion of the human neocortex
Joyce Hu Matloubian 2006-2011 Chemokine receptor CXCR3 affects the balance between effector and memory CD8 T-cell generation
Yvan Chanthery Weiss W. 2006-2011 Paracrine signaling through MYCN enhances tumor-vascular interactions in neuroblastoma
Armando Lemus (MSTP) Engel 2006-2011 Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ExoT amino acid residues necessary for its proteasomal dependent degradation in the host cytoplasm
Landys Lopez-Quezada McKerrow 2004-2011 Function of Macromolecular Serine Protease Inhibitors in the Human Blood Fluke Schistosoma mansoni
Wanda Kwan Muchowski 2005-2011 Investigating the Role of Microglia and the Immune System in Huntington's Disease
Nga Bien-Ly Huang Y 2005-2011

Investigating the Effect of C-Terminal Truncated Apolipoprotein E4 on Amyloid-Beta-Induced Neuronal and Behavioral Deficits in Mice

Shuyi Zhang McKerrow 2005-2011 Characterization of the host macrophage response to intracellular protozoan pathogens
Mary Mohrin Passegue 2005-2011 DNA damage response and DNA repair during hematopoietic differentiation and development
Lilliana Radoshevich Debnath 2005-2011 ATG12 Conjugation to ATG3 Modulates Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Cell Death
Nichole Reyes Oakes 2005-2011 The Role of the Mitochondrial Apoptotic Pathway in Neuronal Development and Survival
Daniel Garcia Evan 2004-2011 Using switchable mouse models to assess the therapeutic potential of MdmX and E2F3
Julia Gilden Krummel 2004-2011

Control of the T Cell Cortex by the Septin Cytoskeleton

Steve Chmura Killeen 2003-2011 In Vivo Genetic Fate Mapping of T-cell Receptor Signal Strength
Nathan Hunkapiller Fisher 2004-2011 Human Trophoblast Differentiation and Invasion During Normal Pregnancy and Preeclampsia
Jaime Lopez Toczyski 2004-2011 Damage-dependent Regulation of DNA Replication
Abigail Miller McCormick 2002-2011 A novel role for a complex of PDZ proteins in PI3K signaling
Jesse Lyons McCormick 2003-2011 Investigating the role of MC1R and cAMP signaling in melanoma
Shan-Shan Zhang Bruneau 2006-2010 Connexin the dots in the His-Purkinje system: uncovering Irx3 function in cardiac conduction
Cristina Penaranda Bluestone 2005-2010 Therapeutic interventions to modulate the anti-islet response in autoimmune diabetes
Courtney Anderson Black 2004-2010 The role of the transcription factor MEF2C in cardiac and skeletal muscle metabolism
Elizabeth Theusch Gitschier 2005-2010 The genetic epidemiology of absolute pitch
Sue-Ann Lee Muchowski 2010 Implication of the endosomal trafficking pathway in alpha-synuclein pathogenesis
Christopher Hackett Weiss W 2003-2010 Deciphering neuroblastoma development with classical genetics, exon arrays, and transposon mutagenesis
Collin Melton Blelloch 2005-2010 Opposing microRNAs regulate mouse embryonic stem cell self-renewal
Marine Champsaur Lanier 2005-2010 Effects of NKG2D ligand expression on host immune responses
Brigitte Watkins (MSTP) Brown 2004-2010 Modulation of Host Inflammatory Responses by SecA2 of Mycobacterium marinum
Jonathan Esensten (MSTP) Bluestone 2006-2010 Transcription factors in CD4+ T cell activation and differentiation
Marcus Zachariah (MSTP) Cyster 2006-2010 T cell egress from the thymus via corticomedullary blood vessels
Rachel Jacks Diamond 2005-2010 Tau Fibrils Enter Cells By Macroendocytosis
Janet Lau Hebrok 2001-2010 Hedgehog signaling during pancreas development
Davina Wu (MSTP) Locksley 2005-2010 Type 2 Cytokines in Adipose Tissue and Metabolic Regulation
Kate Stewart Weaver 2006-2010 The Role of SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling in the Regulation of Stromal-Epithelial Interactions in Breast Tumorigenesis
Patrick Murphy Wang 2004-2010 Notch Signaling in Brain Angiogenesis: Mechanisms of Arterial Venous Specification and Arteriovenous Malformation
Suzanne Angeli Diamond 2003-2010 Identification and Characterization of Actin-Binding Motifs on the Androgen Receptor and Huntingtin: Implications for Polyglutamine Disease
Pooja Agarwal Black 2004-2009 The Transcription Factor MEF2C Is Required For Craniofacial and Melanocyte Development
Ryan Swenerton  McKerrow 2003-2009 Biochemical and Functional Characterization of Serine Proteases in Leishmania
Vanessa Angeles Reijo Pera 2003-2009 Characterization of NANOS Expression and Function in Human Germ Cells
Jessica Van Ziffle  Lowell 2003-2009 Neutrophils require Syk kinase to mount an effective host response to bacterial infection
Cory Nicholas Reijo Pera 2003-2009 Embryonic stem cell-derived oocyte development in follicles by transplantation into an endogenous ovarian niche
Rebecca Botelho McCune 2004-2009 Plasmacytoid dendritic cell function in pathogenic vs. non-pathogenic HIV and SIV infection
Kelly Haston Reijo Pera 2004-2009 The Role of Dazl in Maintenance of Pluripotency and Murine Germ Cell Development in vivo and in vitro.
Cathy Collins (MSTP) Brown 2005-2009 Host Ubiquitination of Cytosolic Mycobacteria
Trinna Cuellar McManus 2004-2009 The Role of Dicer in Post-mitotic Dopaminoceptive Neurons and Turnover of Dicer Generated MiRNAs
Bess Frost Diamond 2004-2009 Prion-Like Characteristics of the Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau
Cynthia Mysinger McCormick 2002-2009 CAR is Not Required for Adenovirus Infection: Integrin alpha v beta 5 Mediates Binding to CAR-Negative Cells
Elizabeth Sharp Nixon 2002-2009 Ethnic & Gender Immune Response Differences
Won-Suk Chung Stainier 2003-2009 Induction of Pancreatic Beta Cells in Zebrafish
Jeff Mold McCune 2002-2009 The Development of the Human Fetal Adaptive Immune System and Its Role in Promoting Immunological Tolerance
Alika Maunakea Costello 2002-2008 A conserved role for intragenic DNA methylation in cell context-specific gene regulation
Elizabeth Co Fisher 2004-2008 The immune paradox of human pregnancy: Fetal trophoblasts and maternal leukocytes
Sarah Elson Johnson 2002-2008 Characterization of the She3-dependent RNA transport system in Candida albicans
Dustin Khiem Black 2002-2008 The transcription factor MEF2C regulates B cell maturation, proliferation, and function
Angell Shieh (MSTP) Shannon 2004-2008 Interrogating the roles of specific downstream effector pathways in the pathogenesis of hematopoietic malignancies initiated by oncogenic K-RasG12D
Larry Shiow (MSTP) Cyster 2004-2008 The Regulation and Mechanism of Lymphocyte Egress
Zaman Mirzadeh (MSTP) Alavarez-Buylla 2003-2008 Epithelial organization of the adult neural stem cell niche
Vernon Phan McCormick 2003-2008  
Jennifer Lilla Werb 2000-2008 The role of mast cells and plasma kallikrein in mammary gland development